Project FALK

"FALK: First Aid Language Kit for Migrants" is a European cooperation project aimed at making healthcare services more accessible for migrants through developing and upgrading language skills on medical issues in the host languages of 6 countries - Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, the UK, the Czech Republic and Cyprus.

FALK is developing a First Aid Language Kit as a comprehensive multi-device language tool providing country-specific information on the healthcare systems of the host countries as well as health-related language skills for successfully seeking and receiving medical help. The Kit includes 3 separate elements each one providing medical language information for both autonomous learning and learning within formal and non-formal language courses - Medical Language Pyramid, Medical language study-videos and a Learning platform.

FALK can be of benefit to three groups of beneficiaries:

  • Adult migrants (newcomers and resident migrants who lack health-specific language skills)
  • Healthcare providers, especially medical staff working at refugee camps or temporary reception facilities
  • Language educators providing language training to adult migrants

The project is funded under the Erasmus+ programme for the period 2017-2019.


  • To improve language competences of adult migrants on healthcare matters in the host country language
  • To facilitate the access to healthcare of adult migrants by providing them with country-specific information about the healthcare systems in 6 EU countries
  • To develop innovative language products and thus to improve the capacities of organisations working for the integration, language training and welfare of migrants
  • To support healthcare professionals to communicate efficiently with migrant patients and to improve the quality of the offered medical services


  • Medical Language Pyramid in 12 languages as word and phrase glossary providing medical terminology in priority topics related to health problems of migrants
  • Medical language study-videos in 6 languages providing visual and audio recreation of different medical scenarios for (self) language learning purposes
  • Learning platform providing a Virtual Map on the healthcare systems of the partner countries in 12 languages and a Testing Ground for practicing language content in 6 languages

Detailed information about the project is at

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