The mission of the Infografia project is to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Infografia project team has created and offers you modern and innovative learning tools to help you improve your entrepreneurial skills and competences.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy discipline. What are the key competences and skills that an entrepreneur should have? The researchers asked themselves this question and identified 15 competencies that can be considered essential. Find out which competences are among the 15 most important. Develop these entrepreneurial competences and prepare for your business journey. The educational resources of the Infografia project are here for you.

The world needs competent and successful entrepreneurs!

You can use 15 interactive infographics to improve your entrepreneurial competences. Each infographic contains four educational tools: Video, Quiz, WebQuest, and Digital Breakout. The learning tools work on a computer, tablet and mobile phone. Learn and have fun!

All learning resources are available on the project learning portal.

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