Project AI - TEACH

AI-Teach – Artificial Intelligence for primary school teachers is a year-long Cooperation Partnership project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, specifically focused on School Education (KA220-SCH). The central goal of this project is to enhance primary school educators' understanding of the challenges and potentials associated with using AI-driven tools responsibly and effectively in classrooms. By fostering interdisciplinary approaches and promoting responsible AI use, the project aims to revolutionize teaching and learning methods, facilitating the seamless integration of digital tools into primary education.

Through this initiative, there is a strong emphasis on fostering personalised learning experiences for students. By deploying AI-driven tools appropriately, schools can create environments that cater to individual learning needs, thereby enhancing overall learning outcomes. The project focuses on equipping primary school teachers with the necessary competencies to design, implement, and evaluate AI-based learning experiences ethically and responsibly, ensuring that the digital transformation in education is both effective and mindful of ethical considerations.

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