AKLUB Centre of education and counseling - is educational and not for profit organisation. Organisation AKLUB is respected and highly appreciated in the Czech Republic for educational services and for developing educational and integration programmes and products. Our team consists of professionals in education - counselors, coaches, teachers, trainers and psychologists on the one hand and project managers and administrative staff on the other hand.

AKLUB provides services to three different target groups:

1. Professionals and experts (teachers, social workers, counselors, social and career advisers, psychologists, seminar leaders, youth coaches and professionals in the companies).

We provide them with the training courses, educational programs, thematic workshops that help them to acquire qualification, competencies and special practical skills. Annually, we have about 150 learners and trainees from this target group.

2. Young people. In cooperation with schools, we develop new tools for education and motivation of young people. We cooperate with many schools in our region and some of our staff work directly there. We provide counseling service and career guidance for young people to help them start their careers and businesses. We develop and run different services to help young people face different situations in their professional and private life. We work with about 500 young people per year.

3. Disadvantaged people (for example unemployed people, young people without working experience, disabled people, NEET´s, people at risk of social exclusion, people over 50, migrants etc.). We provide them with educational courses, integration programs and counseling to help them find a job, start entrepreneurship or solve various life situations. Annually, we provide services to 230 learners and trainees from this target group.

Organisation AKLUB regularly participates in national and international projects focused on lifelong learning, development of innovative educational methods, coaching, e-learning, distance education, unique methods for counseling, integration programs, etc. Results of those projects are directly implemented into practice and help us to increase the quality of our services provided to above-mentioned target groups. Our work is a mixture of theoretical development of new tools with their practical implementation into daily life.


Mgr. Luděk Louis Richter

tel: +420 604 267 486

AKLUB, Říční okruh 26, 794 01 Krnov

The education is a power that changes human life