Organizational information about meeting in Opava

Our phones: Ludek Richter +420604267486, Vladi Plesnik +420603415635

 Meeting Venue

Obecní dům

Address: Ostrožná 46, Opava 

The building is in the heart of the city. 

Accommodation in Opava

We can recommend you the following 3 hotels. You can order accommodation on, or you can book directly on their websites. 

  • Hotel and apartment's Kramer 
  • Hotel Iberia
  • Hotel Koruna 

All these 3 hotels are less than 10 minutes walk from the meeting venue.

Are you going to travel by plane?

If you fly, the nearest airport is Ostrava. More flight options are to Katowice or Krakow in Poland. From there, there is a shuttle bus, bus or train to Opava or Ostrava, but due to COVID there are few connections at the moment.

Connections are available on,,, or

Another good option is a flight to Prague. From Prague airport, you have to go to the main train station Praha Hlavni Nadrazi. It takes from 35-60 minutes, depends on traffic. There is a direct bus (Airport Express), or you can switch bus and metro. If you prefer a taxi, the best option is Bolt or Uber. From Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, please search for a connection to station Ostrava Svinov and from there are many other trains to Opava. There are some direct trains from Prague to Opava too. You can check on  Train from Prague to Opava takes about 3,5 hours.

Are you going to travel by car?

In the Czech Republic, you will need to buy an electronic vignette to use the highways - a 10-day vignette costs 310 CZK (about 12 EUR). You can buy it on the website 

Are you going to travel by train? 

You should look for station Ostrava Svinov in the train connection searching system. From this station is a very good connection to Opava. You can find the connection on 

Practical info about currency: Czech currency is the Czech Crown - CZK. 1 EUR = about 25.50 CZK. If you need to change money, please do not do it at the airport or hotels. Their exchange rates are not good. You can pay easily with a credit card almost everywhere.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Opava.