NEET IDEA is an international European project aimed at supporting young people who are not employed or in any education or training (so-called NEET). The aim of the project is to support their return to work or to school or other forms of education.

The NEET IDEA project will provide participants with the opportunity to deepen their digital and media production skills. In cooperation with educators, the project will also support special non-formal educational resources related to digital and social media production. The NEET IDEA project encourages participants to develop useful skills, develop behaviour and change attitudes towards re-entering education, employment or training.

During the NEET IDEA project, participants will do various interesting activities, such as research, storytelling, screenwriting, film planning, film scene design, presentation, shooting film scenes, editing and production of short films. NEET IDEA opens many gates to learning for young people. This project helps young people overcome their personal fears and obstacles on the way to a good job.

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