Project STEMS

How to improve the current insufficient participation of adults in learning?

The answer is PROJECT STEMS!

STEMS is an international European project jointly implemented by organisations from 5 countries - Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic.

The main project aim is to contribute to:

  • increasing adult participation in learning;
  • increasing competences of adult educators and other staff in education;
  • expanding the use of open online platforms for implementing blended learning and increasing the flexibility of training programmes;
  • supporting self-directed learning;
  • increasing awareness among policymakers on the importance of training adult education staff to use effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies.

Visit our open-source online platform.

The following three main outputs have been created within the STEMS project:

  1. A training programme for adult education staff and teachers called How to Motivate and Engage Adult Learners.
  2. Open-source online platform for adult education staff and teachers.
  3. Information guide for policymakers.

1. The training programme for adult education staff and teachers called How to Motivate and Engage Adult Learners

The training programme is aimed at increasing motivation competences of teachers and staff in adult education. The training programme contains effective motivational strategies and tools for interacting with adult learners, including the use of digital tools and social media to increase learner participation and engagement. The training programme uses the blended learning approach and comprises 60 hours, with 30 hours of instruction being carried out face-to-face and 30 hours in an online environment. A minimum of 14 adult education staff members (7 educators and 7 nonteaching staff members) from each partner country will complete the training.

You can download the training program in the Czech language by the following link.

2. Open-source online platform for adult education staff and teachers

The online platform contains activities and tools in English and the other five languages aimed at supporting adult education staff and teachers participating in the training programme. 

The activities and tools on the platform are available for self-directed learning for any adult education staff and teachers that need to develop competences of motivating, engaging, and supporting adults in learning. 

The platform provides a space for adult education professionals across Europe to exchange ideas and practices, share their experiences, and ask for advice.

3. Information guide for policymakers 

Information guide for policymakers who are responsible for adult education development. 

The guide may contain:

  • Short description of the current context and trends in adult education concerning the input of all actors;
  • A brief summary of the training programme called How to Motivate and Engage Adult Learners;
  • Short descriptions of good practices from various contexts.

You can download the information guide for policymakers in English at the following link. 

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