Organizational information about meeting in Prague

Our contacts: Ludek Richter - phone +420 604 267 486, Vladi Plesnik - phone +420 603 415 635

 Meeting Venue

Hotel: Rezidence Dlouha 17

Address: Dlouha 17, Praha 1 Tel. +420 221 776 111 

The meeting will take place in the hotel meeting room. If you wish, you can order accommodation directly in this hotel Rezidence Dlouha 17. The quality and price are good. You can order your rooms via email on their website, and you should mention the name of our project in your email order. You can also order on This hotel provides capacity for up to 3 months before the date of the meeting. So before this 3 month period, it may appear at that the accommodation is not available. Of course, you can book another hotel near the meeting venue.

Transport Information - From the airport

By public transport: Easy and fast. Take Airport Express bus. The bus stop is in front of the arrival hall of Terminal 1. You can buy tickets at the airport or by the driver for 60 CZK. Get off at the bus stop called Namesti Republiky. Hotel is located 300 meters from this bus stop.

Another option is to take Bus 119 to the bus stop named Nadrazi Veleslavin and change to metro and then go to metro station Namesti Republiky, or if you have small luggage you can go metro station Mustek (10 minutes walk). You can buy tickets in a machine on the bus station or in the visitor centre in the arrival terminal or MHD desk in the arrival terminal. The ticket cost 32CZK (1,3 EUR).

By Taxi: The cheapest option for a taxi in Prague is BOLT or UBER. Price is half compared with ordinary taxi companies. If you do not have the UBER app take an official taxi from the airport. Price should be 15-20 EUR by BOLT or Uber and approx. 25-30 EUR by ordinary taxi.

By car: There are not many parking options in the Prague city centre. Parking is quite expensive. The closest and best option is parking in Palladium Mall, which cost 700 CZK per night (27EUR). The cheapest option is to park your car in P+R parking - outside the city centre and travel by public transport. More info at

Practical info: Czech currency is the Czech Crown - CZK. 1 EUR = about 25.50 CZK. If you need to change money do not do it at the airport or at the hotels. Their exchange rates are not good. You can pay easily with a credit card almost everywhere.

The hotel is in the Prague historical centre, so everything is accessible on foot. If you need a public transport ticket, it costs 24 CZK (0,9EUR) for 30 minutes, 32 CZK (1,13EUR) for 90 minutes and 110 CZK (4,2EUR) for 24 hours. You can use all metro lines, trams and buses in the whole city with these tickets. You can buy the tickets in ticket machines, tobacco shops, counters at stations or by sending SMS (info at the stations).

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague.